Editor-in-chief The Voice

From LOKO Kennisdatabank
  1. You have a team of editors and volunteers. They are not always as motivated as they should be. Sometimes you have input of 10 people and other meetings only 3 show up. How would you try to motivate your editors during the year to keep the articles coming? And how would you make sure you have an average amount of volunteers each week?
  2. Imagine an emergency situation with only two articles in your mailbox in two weeks’ time. What kind of action would you take if one of the editors does not take his/her task seriously and does not deliver sufficient work?
  3. As Editor-in-Chief, you have the final say about the articles that go online. It is your job to keep the reputation high. What if you receive an article that does not have the quality you expect, but the volunteers put a lot of work in writing it and the editor previewed it and it eventually ends up in your mailbox. How do you tell the editor and volunteer that the article is not going to be published? How do you react if you have a different opinion about an article?
  4. The Voice exists for quite a while already, all past Editors-in-Chief had their own vision, resulting in different types of main goals regarding the articles and the final look of The Voice. As the new Editor in Chief of this international student magazine, what is your vision and what would you change about The Voice? Tell us more about how you see The Voice in 5 years.
  5. The Voice is a great way of communicating with the students in Leuven. Making the magazine popular is all about creating the right strategies to promote The Voice. How would you bring the online magazine closer to the student? How interesting is a printed magazine over online articles and how would you distribute those?
  6. The Voice magazine is meant for students in Leuven. They should find relevant information in it and also have the chance to learn something more when visiting the page or opening the magazine. Is there a specific topic you would like to focus on this year? What kind of content would be published if it were just up to you?