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Rental services KU Leuven

If your student association is recognized by LOKO, you can borrow material from KU Leuven for free. Bear in mind that KU Leuven mainly lends material that can be used for lectures or other academic activities. If you need logistics material for a TD or cantus, you can take a look at the rental services of Flemish-Brabant.

Here is an overview of the materials, with the corresponding rates: Rental services KU Leuven

You can reserve these materials via the 'KU Leuven website' .


  • The required materials must be ordered at least 10 days in advance.
  • The request is made via the form for classrooms and/or materials or via KU Loket (under 'support').
  • Bring your voucher with you to the CLD when picking up and returning the materials.

Rental services LOKO

Rental services LOKO

Rental services Flemish Brabant

Are you organizing a td, cantus or other major activity, but you can't find what you're looking for in the lending service from LOKO? Maybe the rental services of Flemish Brabant can help you! You can consult their materials here.

Bear in mind that the province mainly lends logistic goods. If you are looking for materials to organize a lecture or other academic activity, you can also take a look at the page Rental services KU Leuven.

Bonus: if your association is recognized by LOKO, lending the materials is completely free!