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LOKO Social

Student facilities

Student facilities are managed on two levels. At the campus level (here: Deelstuvoraad KU Leuven @ Leuven) and at the university level (Decretale Stuvoraad). Deelstuvoraad KU Leuven @ Leuven consists of six student representatives entitled to vote and six members of KU Leuven entitled to vote. These six KU Leuven representatives are members of the ZAP (professors). If they are unable to show up, their vote is cast by a substitute. This is generally a member of the student services (the service that executes the policy). The Deelstuvoraad decides what happens with the budgets for the student facilities in Leuven. These student facilities include housing (residences), food (Alma), mobility & sustainability (Velo, sustainability and mobility policy), social services (job service, legal service, umbrella study advice service, social service responsible for student finance), diversity (foreign students, accessibility...), medical services (student health center, student psychologists...) and student operations (LOKO). The Decree on Student Council focuses on the allowances for the various student councils of all campuses at KU Leuven. The different deelstuvoraden have to present their budgets here. Ten student representatives and ten representatives from the KU Leuven are a part of this council.


The main goal of the cooperative Acco is to offer inexpensive course material to students. There are five student representatives on their board of directors. Their responsibility is twofold: they are, on the one hand, directors of the cooperative and, on the other, representatives of the students. In addition, they also maintain links with the course services of the kringen. The main duties of the RvB are therefore to ensure that the courses are properly priced, correctly printed and on time, also at the course services. They also test new projects, such as an ACCO branch in other cities or the ACCO e-learning project.


LOKO has two representatives on the Alma Board of Directors. As representatives within this RvB, the students check the results and try to formulate a student-friendly policy together with the rest of the members. In general, we must ensure that Alma does not lose sight of their objectives (cheap, high-quality meals for students) and that all branches are balanced. Attention must be paid to the prices of the meals, the variety (e.g. vegetarian options) and the role Alma 2 plays as a location for parties.


Velo is an important partner, a social and ecological bicycle project where students, KU Leuven staff and external organizations can rent a bicycle. In addition, Velo has a bicycle repair station where students can repair their bicycle or have it repaired for them. Together with the city of Leuven, Velo actively contributes to promoting road safety in the city and bicycle theft prevention. Student representatives from LOKO are on the Velo Board of Directors. The mobility mandataries also deal with wider mobility issues such as public transport, the state of the roads, the bicycle policy in Leuven, etc.


The mandataries diversity take part in a few city consultations (on accessibility, digital accessibility ...) and are concerned with bringing diversity to the attention of the Leuven student community, with activities such as lectures, Divercity and new initiatives.


Since the 2015-2016 academic year, there is also a 'sustainability' mandate. Here people are busy researching and testing initiatives like Leuven Klimaatneutraal or Leuven 2030 and organizing sustainable activities.

LOKO Culture

Culture platform

All the cultural institutions in Leuven are gathered together in the Culture Platform (Dutch: Cultuurplatform). They talk about major projects such as a new performing arts hall and umbrella art festivals.

Culture Committee

The Culture Committee is the culture council of the KU Leuven. In it, grants are awarded to cultural projects and the cultural policy of KU Leuven is discussed. This committee also contains a few sub-councils, such as the Contemporary Arts Committee and the Heritage Committee.

Board of Directors STUK

The STUK was established for and by students and even today two student representatives sit on the Board of the arts center. The Board of Directors is not concerned with artistic programming, but monitors the practical functioning of STUK.

LOKO Sport

Board of Directors University Sports Center

In this Board of Directors the budgets, investments and innovations of the University Sports Center are discussed.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee discusses dossiers such as the anti-doping policy of KU Leuven and PortaAl (the KU Leuven expertise center on a healthy lifestyle). It provides advice on sports policy and budget spending at KU Leuven. It is also a forum for sport and exercise, on the one hand for the realization of the policy plan on sport, and on the other for concretizing the social role of KU Leuven within the sport domain.

LOKO International

The international policy lies primarily with the KU Leuven Student Council. LOKO International is concerned with social and diversity issues for international students and an integrating assignment to bring native Dutch students into contact with international students.