Staff at LOKO

From LOKO Kennisdatabank

Central Staff

General support for the operation of LOKO and follow-up of its services.


  • Taking care of the permanence and receiving the visitors at LOKO Central. Being the first point of contact for students/associations
  • Managing the LOKO correspondence
  • Contribute to the internal practical operation of LOKO
  • Supporting the organization of some projects
  • Managing student center 's Meiersstraat 5 together with the financial manager
  • Coordination of LOKO's meeting and activity calendar
  • Taking care of internal communication at the office with the other staff members and mandatories
  • Taking care of LOKO's rental service
  • Solving ad hoc problems of the kringen and associations and supporting them where possible
  • Supervising students doing an internship at LOKO Central

Substantive duties

  • Preparing the general meetings and working meetings studentenbeleid: among other things, placing the agenda online, supplying kringen with the necessary documents...
  • Organization of projects and events (e.g. the midweek, information booth university registrations, the LOKO recruitment campaign, the closing party, the Plan Sjarels...)
  • Follow up documentation and archiving of mandates
  • Responsible for substantive support (both at the management level and at the representation level) of the chairman and other directors where necessary


  • Driving engine behind the fuifzaal project
  • Substantive support for the (vice) chairman and where necessary other directors regarding the search for a new location for the Albatros fuifzaal
  • Acting as a file manager who brings the various interested parties around the table and makes progress in setting goals


  • Follow up rental services and reservation of the meeting rooms, the garden and the student rooms of student center 's Meiers 5
  • Coordinating the maintenance of the building and garden. Responsible for fixing small or urgent jobs. Organizing structural works or investments where necessary
  • Keeper of the house keys
  • Acting as a point of contact for the tenants and make sure there's a good understanding between them
  • Follow up and coordinate living and working together in 's Meiers 5 in consultation with the board
  • Organization and execution of clean-up actions, archiving, painting ...

Administrative support for elections within the kringen

  • Administrative support for voting procedures
  • Follow up on neutral committees
  • Process reports of the elections

Staff Finance

Financial support for the operation of LOKO.


  • Handling correspondence
  • Follow up and coordinating practical work in consultation with the general manager
  • Supporting and contributing to the general operation

Financial duties

  • Monitoring expenditure and income from activities and the daily operation
  • Executing payments and booking payments
  • Preparing invoices and manage expense reports
  • Financial overview in collaboration with the general manager
  • Supporting the accounting of closely connected organizations
  • Supporting business relationships & sponsorships

Working- and project subsidies & admissions

  • Providing advice to students, kringen or associations in relation to the subsidy procedure
  • Drawing up subsidy regulations and forms and making them accessible
  • Processing admission applications
  • Preparing admission committees
  • Processing and communicating admissions

Rental deposit cases

  • Starting up and following up rental deposit cases in collaboration with the LOKO lawyer
  • First point of contact for students with rental deposit problems

Staff Training

  • Compile, implement and release training program in collaboration with vice-chairman
  • Compiling a group of possible trainers that can be contacted any time
  • Completing this knowledge database (kennisdatabank)
  • Preparing brochures to support student organizations in their activities
  • Widening the range of training possibilities as much as possible
  • Organizing training events such as training during the midweek, the Student Congress...

Staf International

Supporting the Coordinator in several fields.


  • Several administrative tasks (writing reports of meetings, e-mail correspondence, updating the website and calendar)
  • Maintaining the weekly office hours of LOKO International at Pangaea (exact office hours to be discussed with the coordinator) where the Officer helps the international students, ISA’s and student unions and serves as a first contact point for international students
  • Preparing the work meetings of LOKO International
  • Stimulating both local and international students to participate in events organised with the purpose of integrating the two groups (Orientation Days)
  • Supporting the central division of LOKO when needed
  • Supporting the coordinator in the organisation of workshops and training for the student unions and ISA’s regarding the representation of international students
  • Supporting the coordinator in the organisation of projects (Orientation Days)
  • Working on the internal projects within LOKO International (FAQ database, website, international policy)


  • Supporting and informing the ISA’s and the student unions regarding organisational issues and international policies (during permanence hours)
  • Being a contact person for international students with problems and when needed, referring the student to relevant KU Leuven services
  • Keeping in touch with the International Students Cell, Pangaea, student unions, ISA’s and the international students

Staff Communication

Support for the operation of LOKO communication and graphic design.

Graphic design

  • Designing and maintaining a corporate identity for the organization
  • Designing promotional material for activities, campaigns and gadgets: brochures, posters, booklets, textiles, flyers, business cards...
  • Designing visuals for social media and the LOKO website
  • Coordination of the annual report (overview of texts + layout)
  • Layouts of info and training brochures
  • Photo editing (if possible)
  • Taking photos during LOKO activities in consultation with the communication team (if possible)


  • Guiding interns graphic design
  • Being present at communication meetings and taking notes
  • Help develop a LOKO communication policy in consultation with the coordinator

Student job Culture

  • Taking notes at cultural meetings
  • Administrative fundraising (sponsorship and subsidies)
  • Administration: correspondence, website, scripts, social media
  • Substantive and practical support at cultural events such as Ithaka, IFTF ...
  • Advising students responsible for cultural activities for the kringen

Student job Sports

  • Supporting Coordinator Sport
  • Supporting and taking notes during team meetings
  • Sponsor recruitment
  • Administration and accounting LOKO Sport
  • Substantive and practical support at sports events such as 24-hour run, Survival of the student...
    • Prepare a budget for each event
    • Promotion
    • Request offers
    • Logistical support (reservation materials and location)
    • Construction and demolition
    • Surveillance during the event itself
    • Supporting the trainees
  • Management and inventory LOKO Sport rental service (reservations, deposits and possible investments)
  • Keeping the Interfaculty Cup up-to-date and following it up (reservation fields, drawing up competition tables, processing results, forwarding weekly game schedules)
  • Advising students responsible for sport activities for the kringen

Editorial Secretary Veto

Supporting the daily operation of Veto.


  • Orderliness on the editorial board
  • Postal delivery at the office
  • Technical implementation of the newspaper
  • Distribution of newspapers
  • Maintenance of the website
  • General administrative and accounting work


  • Manage external correspondence Veto
  • Management of social media
  • Organizing weekly internal communication with the editorial staff
  • Manage cash register and cash book
  • Responsible for contact with advertisers
  • Coordination of the distribution of the Veto's (Vetokar)
  • Contact person for printing shop