Structure and meetings of LOKO

From LOKO Kennisdatabank

Don't you understand what all those meetings and departments of LOKO are all about? Which issue should be addressed at which meeting? No worries! Below you'll find the necessary information.


You can divide LOKO in different ways. You can do so on the basis of its departments or on the basis of its decision-making bodies.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (Raad van Bestuur of RvB) of LOKO acts like a Board of Directors in other large organizations. 50 percent of its members are part of the current LOKO daily management, the other 50 percent are former LOKO members. The RvB monitors the financial and material long-term topics concerning LOKO such as, for example, the investments in the LOKO building. It presents the budget on an annual basis during the General Meeting (Algemene Vergadering of AV). It also monitors the operation of satellite bodies such as LOKO Alumni, Andre and the PCC.

Daily Management

The daily management of the organization is in the hands of the chairman, the vice-chairman and the coordinators of the various departments. They meet on a weekly basis and are responsible for the financial and organizational operation of LOKO.


All daily employees of LOKO together form the "office". They are called "office members." These are all employees who have been elected: all members of the daily management, mandataries and all permanent volunteers from the different departments. The staff members also belong to the daily staff. The office members meet every two weeks for an Algemeen Bureau (AB). This takes place every Monday evening in the week before the General Meeting (AV). The AB prepares for the AV. The various departments provide an update on their operation. The AB reviews the files that must be dealt with at the AV and ensures that they are ready to appear at the AV. An AB is not complete without a team building afterwards.


LOKO consists of different departments. The departments are responsible for a specific domain. The different departments are: Sociaal, International, Cultuur, Sport, Evenementen and Veto. The main tasks of these departments are representation and the organization of a wide range of activities. Sociaal deals with student representation within Leuven student facilities and at the city level. International, Cultuur and Sport organize international, cultural and sport activities. Evenementen organizes events such as Plan Sjarels and the Carillon Cantus. Veto publishes the student magazine with the same name. All departments (with the exception of Veto) consist of people with the following functions:

  • Coordinator: head the department
  • Deelbureau: the members (mandataries and permanent volunteers) of the department in question.
  • Staff members: (usually half-time) paid employees who support the operation of LOKO. They are not elected, they do not even have to be students, but they are hired and directed by the daily management. They therefore have an executive rather than a substantive task.
  • Work meeting (WV): the meeting with the kring members in charge of a certain topic (culture, international, sports...) and the relevant LOKO-department. The WV outlines the policy of the relevant department.


The services are similar to the departments. However, they do not have their own work domain, but support the operation of the departments. LOKO has two central "services": communication (responsible for the website, social media, recruitment...) and general management (responsible for financial and logistic matters). They have the same structure as the departments, although they do not always have a WV. These services should not be confused with the services provided by LOKO itself (such as the rental services, the subsidies, etc.).

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body of LOKO. If the Office is the LOKO 'government' that prepares and executes the conclusions of the General Assembly, then the General Assembly itself is the 'parliament'. The GA approves certain positions, policy plans and the budget and any changes to that budget. It elects the board of LOKO representatives and evaluates the functioning of LOKO. The GA consists of representatives from all student kringen of Leuven, both from the colleges and the university. The LOKO Office is also part of the GA. However, the kringen have the final say on the GA. After all, they represent students from all different study programs. Therefore, only the kring representatives have a vote. Votes per kring are based on student numbers. Each person can vote only once. If you want to be represented, it's important you are present on these meetings. The GA takes place every two weeks on Friday evening. There is often a lot on the agenda, and because there are many people involved, it may take a while. Fortunately, there generally is an afterparty in one of the fakbars.

Satellite organs

There are two non-profit organizations and a cvba (cooperative with limited liability) that support LOKO. Democratiserende Initiatieven Degelijk Ondersteunen (DIDO) vzw organizes the activities of LOKO. The GA of DIDO is the same as that of LOKO, while the RvB of DIDO consists of the members of the daily management. The RvB and the GA consist of members of LOKO, supplemented by a few experts. Alfaset cvba is entitled to the advertising recruitment of Veto and The Voice. The latter is written with help from LOKO.